Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mac and Cheese I Can Eat

A while back you all might recall that I wrote a post talking about the problems I had with eating the standard ‘boil and serve’ mac and cheese.  At the time I was at a loss because nothing seemed to help the problem, not even my standard ‘eat this and you most likely won’t have diarrhea today’ foods (banana, yogurt, and tea).  Now, thanks to the suggestions by many, I think I have solved the problem.  The solution, for me at least, was eating all natural mac and cheese, specifically the Annie’s Homegrown stuff.  I also use organic milk and butter when making it, so as not to completely ruin the ‘all natural’ meal.  The stuff taste great and doesn’t cost much more than the regular mac and cheese I used to buy.  Even better, I don’t have to make a special trip when planning to buy it because it can be found at Target and Hy-Vee, which is where I do all my shopping.  Because of this I have also started to wonder how an ‘all natural’ diet would affect a person with Crohn’s Disease, especially one who suffers frequent flare-ups.  Do all the chemicals we put in our bodies thanks to the foods we eat play a role in how severe the disease can be?  It is something I’ve never really thought about, or asked my doctor about, yet seems like it could be important.  Another thing I never really thought about was the milk I drink.  For a long time people have wondered why I never cut milk out of my diet.  The reason was simple: it has never caused me any problems.  Maybe the reason for this is because I’ve always used organic milk (and creamers for my coffee)?  Something to think about.   


  1. I have had crohns for 10+ years, with resectioning. Avoiding chemicals helps tremendously. Avoiding foods with more than 5 ingredients. One of my favorites is Avocados. Its a great natural fat and a powerfood. good luck!

  2. Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

  3. I think I bought this mac and cheese for my 9 year old and I couldn't get him to eat to save my life. I have found that totally creating meals with fresh ingredients work so much better than box foods, no matter how natural they might be. But at least you found a happy replacement for your mac and cheese!

  4. Avoiding certain foods helps tremendously in fact yet doesn't solve the problem at least for me. The underlying problem is infection which causes the allergies. I proved this to myself because I was nearly dead on immunosuppressants and I am vastly better on my "antibiotic" protocol(natural antibiotics). The more I take, the more food I can tolerate. Take good care.


  5. By the way, thanks. I'm going to get this stuff.

  6. Found your blog today. Have been suffering a bad flare up these past three weeks, so went googling in desperation.

    I make everything from scatch in the kitchen - I have since my early 20s, before I even started to suffer from Crohn's. So if by organic you mean all natural rather than raised-without-pesticides, then I'm not sure to what extent it help alleviate symptoms.

    I have a friend who also has Crohn's who says that I absolutely shouldn't be eating all the vegetables, raw and cooked, that I do. But the thought of her seemingly red meat - based diet is not a pleasant thought to me.

    There is much information about diet and Crohn's out there. I'm getting a little exasperated. The line seems to go: "Here is a list of all the foods you might have to avoid" (containing almost all foods, and a lot of the good and healthy stuff), "but remember it is different for every sufferer."

    At least Crohn's has got me off booze and cigarettes, if onto handfulls of codeine.

    A question: have you ever looked into Marijuana as a pain reliever? I'm not a regular user, but during my last flare up I shared some and it alleviated the pain. I'd rather not be a pot head but I think it's probably better than taking 100+ mgs of codeine every day during a flare up.

  7. Wow, so many comments. My apologizes for not paying more attention to this page. I think it is time I write a new post addressing some of the questions that have been asked here, which I promise I will do soon. And I shall quickly answer one right now since I have here and have a moment.

    Will - I have not tried marijuana as a pain reliever though I have heard many great things about it. I am lucky in that I don't suffer much pain these days. I've been in remission since 2006. Before that, however, the pain was extreme, especially as my fistula developed. Nothing I did seemed to help it other than soaking in a hot bath several times a day. No pain medication was ever given to me, however, during this time, so I'm not sure if that would have helped. If in that situation again I will not ever hesitate to relieve it by any means possible, that is for sure.