Monday, October 10, 2011

Epic Portable Toilet

As many of you have probably guessed I’m very open about my disease and the effects it has on my body. So open, in fact, that many of my friends feel comfortable enough in sharing their own bathroom moments with me. Others will think about me when they come upon bathroom themed situations they think I will enjoy hearing about. Some will even take pictures of the unusual bathrooms they find and send them to me. The pictures here are an example of such a situation. They were taken at a very high society political event and show the luxury portable toilets that were brought in for those in attendance. Personally, I never even knew such things existed. Just seeing the large note on the side of the toilet urging those that use it to flush leaves my jaw hanging and then asking where does it go? The size is impressive as well. If one of these were brought to a Civil War reenactment women would never have to worry about going inside one with a hoop dress on -- always a troubling issue with the standard portable toilets -- and I wouldn’t have to worry about spending hours sitting next to a disgusting pee splattered urinal sink like contraption. The mirror is a nice touch as well. I’ve never seen one so big inside a portable toilet before. I’m guessing given the attire of the people at this high class event such a mirror is needed because the last thing you want to do is step back out of the bathroom disheveled, which, when using a standard portable toilet is almost always a given.

Now, just looking at the first picture one gets a sense of how epic this portable toilet is and probably wouldn’t imagine that there would be even more things within, but there is. With a quick turn to the left -- that’s right, how often can you actually turn to the right or left in a standard portable toilet -- we can now see the amazing hand washing setup the luxury portable toilet has. As if that isn’t enough, however, they have also added flowers. The toilet seat cleaner they have behind the toilet in a nice touch as well. Such a thing would come in handy at reenactments since every now and then people leave a bit on the seat itself when struggling to use it in the middle of the night. Perhaps the most striking thing about this portable toilet is that it wasn’t unique according to my friend. All of them were like this and they had enough so that one wouldn’t have to worry about waiting, unless of course there was some catastrophic problem with the food that sent everyone at the event running for them all at once.

Anyone else ever have the privilege of getting to use a portable toilet like this? If so, please do tell us about it, and, if you have pictures, shoot them over to me in an email so I can share them with the world (of the luxury toilet, not you using it).


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